Monday, 20 August 2007

Hurricane Dean

My arrival in Jamaica coincided with another important event - hurricane Dean. This hurricane, the first of the season, gathered strength in the warm Carribean waters to become a scale 4 - not quite as powerful as Katrina but still with plenty of life in it as it runs its course over to Mexico.

Although they are great holiday islands, many people in the Carribean are poor and live in flimsy shanty towen dwellings. Nature is merciless and with winds and floods the poverty of the people is only made worse by the rebuilding necessary to provide even the most basic shelter.

It reminded me of Maslow's hierarchy of needs - for these people it is hard for them to move above the most basic levels.

Why am I here? To provide a three day course in Financial Analysis. Vital stuff - but rather surprising noone has turned up.

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