Saturday, 12 April 2008

Isomorphisms in Dubai

Well bloggees I am now in the splendid city of Kuala Lumpur sansluggage of course. To economise on my client's travel costs I agreed to a stop in Dubai enroute to KL. Emirates was the plane, get your luggage was the name of the game. A long delayed stop over approaching three hours was still not long enough to get my bag from one aeroplane to the next. I noted that like Theifrow, Dubai is in the process of having a new dedicated terminal built for Emirates airline. I guess that there must be a footloose isomorphism loose (Powell and Diaggio)because they appear to have caught the habit of luggage losing. Now we all know that BA is the worst-most-expensive airline on the planet, but is Emirates catching up fast? It would appear that even being willing to payup business class rates that they cannot get the simple things right like (a) get away on time (b) move your bag at the same time (c) put it right quickly!

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I suggest that you get in touch with the company and let place a forma l complain if you havent already done that.

You may end up getting a free buisness class ticket for compensation.