Thursday, 11 June 2009

MBA exam board

Well at the end of a hard year in the academic trenches it has been capped off by one of the high points - when students who have worked very hard on the MBS global programme got their final results. It was exam board day. This is what we work for.

The MBS Global MBA is one of that small number of programmes where the course done at a distance - we call it 'blended learning' these days - is ranked internationally with some of the best full time MBA's taught elsewhere. Many of the candidates were qualified accountants (ACA's ACCA's, CIMA and CPA's), qualified engineers, and all sorts of other professionals who have given their time and effort to upgrade their professional skills and invest in their future. They come from all corners of the world and what a pleasure to see their results coming through. Many of them are great friends and I know the champagne corks will be popping tonight (except my Middle Eastern students who have other ways of celebrating). However you do it, have fun - you deserve it!

Congratulations to you all.

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