Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sign off on P4

Thank you everyone for the feedback on the recent P4 paper - it has been very valuable indeed. I wish you all well and I hope that the result comes out your way or, at the very least, as a result of this blog you have a clearer idea of what it is that we are looking for if you are faced with a resit.
Many of you have expressed the great benefit you have obtained from P4 even though the examinations are perceived to be demanding. I appreciate that comment and I am sure the ACCA do as well.
For those taking P4 in the future what I will repeat is that the authorised manuals are very good in that they do take you through the syllabus in a way that no other textbook can. They have been written specifically for the paper and I would encourage anyone taking P4 to make sure that they have one and work with it. They form a solid core of study material which you can then supplement by appropriate courses and/or reading to maximise your chances of passing.

I have brought the ACCA's attention to your comments and I am sure that in some small way what you say will influence and shape opinion. Criticism, whether good or bad, is always valuable.

Keep viewing the blog.


Anonymous said...

hi Bob ,

are you refering to BBp and kaplan or something else?

Professor Bob Ryan said...

Yes BPP and Kaplan are the only two authorised as of now. I don't know whether any others are being considered at this time but as ever keep your eye on the ACCA website.

Raymond Lee said...

Dear Bob

What do you mean in your blog.

Are you telling us that you are not going to be p4 examiner.

Come on, dun let those critism affect you. I will like to see your paper to be tested to test and enhance our knowlege on P4 as P4 is really interesting paper.

I refer from opentutition forum saying that you are fired. Please cofirm whether this rumour is true or false.

No matter what, Bob, i had bought those books you recommend, hoping my knowledge for this paper is sufficient to qualify to beat those CFA students and hoping to pass this paper with all my passionate interest on this paper.

I loved to retake your paper again.

Raymond Lee

Professor Bob Ryan said...

No not fired - ACCA examiner contracts only last for three years and when I was contacted about renewal I made it clear that I did not want to continue beyond my term which ends with the June 2010 paper.

Keep the passion up Raymond and you will succeed at P4 and indeed at any qualification you choose including CFA if that is the route you choose to follow.

Keep watching the blog as I start loading sections from my forthcoming book on strategic financial analysis. I am sure you will find it interesting.

Jason said...

Dear Bob

When will your forthcoming book be published? What is the title of the book and the publisher?

registoni said...

Professor Bob,
Are you going to prepare exam paper for this December session before you leave?
I was just hopping to catch your challenge.
Anyway I got almost all the books + several others + downloaded relevant courses into my mobile - and now read, listen and watch everyday while traveling to work and back - my only free time Mon-Fri.
IMHO Finance Management and Corporate Finance papers are the most enjoyable ones to study, at least to me

Professor Bob Ryan said...

My papers will keep appearing until December 2010 which is the first paper produced by the new examiner (whoever he or she is). So still time yet to enjoy the challenge of P4.

Lilian said...

anyway keep up the gd work Bob ;P...

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

HI Mr RYan ,

can u plz recommend sum book on F.M like the way v r having "colin drury" for "mgt accounting"

its a complete text "with Q based on pro. level exams of ACCA/CIMA/ICAEW"

i rephrase my question is there any book which "incorporate papers of ACCA/CIMA/ICAEW FOR financial management"

Anonymous said...

hi Mr Ryan-

i wanted to know the same thing which anonymous (previous post)has mentioned...a book with lots of relevant question practise included

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob
I am a China-based ACCA student. It is impossible to get all the recommanded readings other than photocopied BPP n Kaplan mannuals. If I just utilize either mannual and Lecture notes plus past paper model answers do you think I can manage to pass P4


Professor Bob Ryan said...

Much depends on the lecture notes and the quality of your teacher. A good teacher can reduce the extra reading you require to a bare minimum. Also, do use google books because a number of older editions are available on the web. Doing past questions is a useful exercise in building speed and practicing the basic techniques but they are not a good guide to what is coming up. I would reserve questions 1 and 2 until later in your studies as they tend to be more diversified across the syllabus.

Do read the latest blog, and Student Accountant as well - these are all very useful.

mr teng said...

got results today, im officially a acca affiliate all with first time passes including P4, fuck me i thought i failed p4 but managed 51%, cheers bobby

MohammadAli said...

Bob someone deleted my post.... I want you put more case studies on your publisher website, for the book.
Its say coming soon, please put them soon, so we can all practice more.

MohammadAli said...

I also want to know about the calculation of the Yield of a bond?
I am pretty sure the market interest do reflect some change on the value of the bond.
So whats the best method to value a bond, IRR?
I am particularity interested as to find out what discount rate to use...Eg
a bond has a coupon rate of 10%.Paid annually,the price of the bond is 100and it will be paid in full at the end of three years
What will be the Yield on this Bond

Anonymous said...

I am an outsider to ACCA and its carry ons. But I have read the report on June's P4 (at ) and I am absolutely astounded at the complacency of ACCA and this blog's author. For a global professional and examining institution to have allowed an exam like June's P4 to go forward in draft shows that the exam was not moderated prior to being approved for sitting. I am a qualified and experienced educator and know, as the rest of the world does, that exams at all levels are tested to destruction in pilot form, in committee, and by chief examiners, before they go near a candidate in deadly earnest. That this June 2009 exam has attracted the criticisms I have cited above, for being "a difficult and technically poor paper", is a damning comment on the pre-exam process.

Professor Bob Ryan said...

Please note the comment on the lead page of the blog. However, I will say this. ACCA always follows its full procedures (including trial sitting) with respect to all papers and this paper was no exception. But, the author of this blog, complacent or not, sets the papers his employing organisation specifies at the standard they require and undergoes all the appropriate QA procedures. He has 35 years experience in examining and does know what he is doing. He does not necessarily set papers that the candidates or their tuition providers 'like'. They are not his client. His client is the examining body concerned. So that's it, please respect the notice on the front of this blog and take any queries you may have to the education directorate of the ACCA.

Nicholas A.Adjei said...

Hi Bob,

There has been arguments among my mates about whether you are a Chartered Accountant. it will be nice to receive you comment

Anonymous said...

Assalam o Alaikum Bob ( May Peace be on you)

When are u planning to post material from your notes on Strategic Financial Analysis on this blog of yours, like you commented earlier. i await eagerly.

In anticipation

Manal said...

Dear Bob,

The P4 paper exam was today, and it was totally unexpected. I did very hard study and I love the subject, however I don't seem to pass it. Any advices?

Anonymous said...

The paper today was a tough one, with all the efforts I ve made during the review yet I feel like I can't score the 50

ruch said...

Hi Bob, I was going through one of your set exam paper P4 in June 2007. I have a query relating to a question called Greffer Inc? Will you be able to help me out on this one?

Professor Bob Ryan said...

You will need to go back to ACCA on this one as June 07 was the last paper sat by my predecessor and they will be able to help.