Tuesday, 14 July 2009

ACCA takes over the world - official

Accountants, accountants everywhere - here is proof definite that the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants - the ACCA (which was for a short period known as CACA until someone pointed out that those initials were Spanish for something nasty and smelly) has taken over the world. Or at least Venice where the name of the boat terminal for the university says it all.


rohit said...

lol....n rolling on floor ....

wat a cheap way to advertise a 3rd class qualification .

any body can searh the "overseas job poratls" to see how international this qualification is .

wen one describes ACCA as an international qualification it can be termed as an "internationaly recg. joke"

Anonymous said...

HI Mr RYan ,

can u plz recommend sum book on F.M like the way v r having "colin drury" for "mgt accounting"

its a complete text "with Q based on pro. level exams of ACCA/CIMA/ICAEW"

i rephrase my question is there any book which "incorporate papers of ACCA/CIMA/ICAEW FOR financial management"

Rahul said...
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