Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Reacher, Bond and a Hobbit

It's great at the moment if you are a movie fan. Suddenly some big movies are hitting the screen - some after lengthy production delays. I took my nearest and dearest to see Jack Reacher, the long delayed first movie from the books of Lee Child. Enjoyed it although it was a bit hard coping with a diminutive Tom Cruise in the role of a 6'6" ex-military policeman. But why the interest in what is happening at the movies? It's just a hint but maybe there is now some life in the market for asset backed paper of various sorts. This market virtually dried up in the crash and with it the cash cycle the film industry depends upon came to a grinding halt. Now I don't know whether this chronic shortage of cash was the reason for the substantial delay in production of many movies but rumour has it that a number of sequels to mid-'noughties' hits are now under production. The cash taps might just be beginning to flow again and if so this could be a sign that the problems of 2008, if not solved, are like the euro crisis beginning to dissolve. Perhaps 2013 maybe the start of the real recovery.

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