Friday, 10 June 2016

The EU Migration Crisis - I have the answer

I have this quite brilliant business model for coping with the squeeze on our working population brought about by not enough old people dropping off their perches as quickly as they used to and the unwillingness of us Brits to breed at the rate we need to.  What we should do is arrange for nice warm countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy but not Greece at the moment (sorry Greece but you have problems of your own) to accept large numbers of our old folk.  Allow them to buy cheap properties over there whilst selling off their properties over here.  It reduces the burden on the NHS and social services and gets rid of that rather tiresome problem of having to worry about them.  Then, we can encourage nice young people from Europe who are prepared to work hard,  pay their taxes and do all the jobs we don't want to do to come over here.   The fact that their own country has educated them and trained them means we don't have to bother - avoiding any burden on our schools and colleges.  It's win-win!  Why hasn't anyone thought of it?  Ehr...or have they?

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