Monday, 11 July 2016

I have had another brilliant idea - lets not have a government

As I walk the streets of this small market town 80 miles from London I marvel at the absence of police or indeed any form of civil control.  Maybe the odd traffic warden admiring the arrays of expensive motors in the car parks.  But, surprise - virtually no crime, no disorder, the sun rises and the sun sets and this little part of England carries on in its own way.  As the summer wears on there is, as I write this, at least two months possibly three before Government, such as it is these days, returns and continues trying to run the Country.  The admin staff in the civil service still do their job, the police and emergency services still do theirs and the whole place carries on as normal.  So, and here is the big idea, let's send our politicians on a five-year sabbatical.  Let's not have politicians tinkering with the ship of state.  HMQ can carry on doing her bit and the rest of us can lie soundly asleep at nights knowing that all is right with the world.

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