Friday, 2 May 2014

Teaching in Germany

For each of the past four years I have been lured out to Germany to teach the MBA students at NordAkademie in Hamburg.  This is a small school by many standards with both an undergraduate and a postgraduate MBA programme run, very effectively, by a small team of administrators.  Now I am very fond of administrators - indeed how could I not be.  I am married to one of the best.   But was is surprising about NordAkademie is the quality of what they do and the quality of the small group of students they attract and who are willing to sign up for my gruesomely difficult Business Valuation module.  For three days I pound them with ideas and methods, forcing them to deal with a real company - Rolls Royce Holdings plc - and come up with analyses and valuations which would be beyond your average CFA.  How do they do it?  Well its because technically they are very good.  They are not afraid to work at theoretical models to understand their uses and their limitations.  They are not switched off by what they don't understand which is a truly refreshing characteristic of any student.

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