Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Suarez Gives Love Bite Shock!

Luis Suarez of Liverpool and Uruguay has vented his frustration on an opponent in their last group game against a lacklustre Italian team.  The video of the action appears to show Luis head-butting his hapless victim with his teeth.  The video isn't clear to be fair.  There is no doubt the molested Italian decided to make a scene as, after all, Suarez has form.  'Disgusting' the three P's roar as the press, pundits and, led by the nose, public go for our carnivorous football star.  But, come on, let's get some perspective.  What's worse:  a reckless tackle leaving a player damaged and out of the game, a wild head butt which lays someone out cold or a gentle nibble?  My observation of Mr Suarez is that he is a pretty passionate young man.  His love of his sport, his country and indeed all those around him is so intense that he gets carried away.  And like many men and women (to be balanced about this) vent their passion with their teeth.  I suspect far more damage to human lives and relationships has been caused by over-intense love bites.  The bruising is hard to hide and marriages have fallen apart as a result.  So, let's cut Luis some slack here if he is guilty.  After all he doesn't have rabies and he probably regularly cleans his teeth.

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