Tuesday, 22 July 2014

MH17 and the news circus moves on

Do you remember the floods in the UK or MH370?  What about Rolf Harris?   Do you care?  The loss of MH17 was a ghastly accident or a ghastly crime.  Time will tell.  But, this blogger feels passionately for the victims and the families and hopes that justice will eventually be meted out to the perpetrators.  However, what is almost certainly true is that it will not make a jot of difference - when the stakes are too high the cards never get played.  No western government is going to impose meaningful sanction on the Russian economy.  A few politicians and oligarchs have had to move their assets about and relocate their holiday plans. But that is trivial cost as the great bear in the East attempts of create a greater Russia federation of states to rival the European Union.   Even as I write the media storm is abating, I predict that within 3 days it will no longer be headlines and within 10 days it will have slipped into the realm of old news and the circus will have moved on.  Russia is rapidly fast replacing Iran as the pariah state of choice but I doubt that Vlad, Putin the Boot, Putin really cares less.  This is not the start of WW3, that started a long time ago, there will be no western boots on the ground, military meddling yes, but real action no.  As I say, the stakes are too high.  The cards will never be played.

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